Saturday, August 27, 2016

The path to victory is coherent Green Party voting

A laser is a coherent beam of light. It is one of the most powerful sources of light that man has ever created. Most man-made light sources scatter light and their beams tend to diverge. Laser beams diverge, but only by a fraction of the divergence of a typical flashlight. That's why laser pointers work so well.

You're probably wondering why I'm writing about lasers on a political blog. Lasers are a useful analogy of what is happening right now. Before I get into the details, check out the graph below:

I offer this graph to illustrate the point that the Democrats and Republicans win precisely because they are more organized than any other political parties despite commanding minorities of voters relative to the entire population of eligible voters. Neither they, nor the press that they have colluded with for decades will ever admit to this. They will never admit that they can't win on the merits when compared to third parties. People will naturally vote for good alternatives if they are informed. Our mainstream media is not all that interested in the task of informing us of our alternatives.

Like the the dot on the wall create by a coherent beam of light from a laser pointer, Democrat and Republican messages shine brighter than any other message from all other parties out there. Most of the mainstream media chases that dot like a cat, hoping that we won't notice anyone else running for office. Now I want to show you something else:

The map above is two weeks old. It shows all the states where Jill Stein will appear on the ballot, where we can write her in, where efforts to get her on the ballot are still in progress and where litigation is ongoing. Litigation? Yes, there are deadly serious opponents from the two dominant parties that would love to eliminate Stein from the ballot. Now have a look at the latest map:

Lots of progress has been made and the sense of urgency is real. There is a lot more dark green, not so much yellow and litigation is still pending in red. There is still time to bag Nevada and Oklahoma as it is possible that the Green Party could prevail in court before the election. Even the write in states are good news.

Democrats are getting very upset about this "progress". Check out this article by Margaret Kimberley at CounterPunch:
Liberals are no longer going through the motions of criticizing the Democrat. Instead they openly show love for Hillary Clinton and disdainfully pile on Stein and Baraka with fury. The blog Wonkette called Jill Stein “cunty” and “a mendacious nihilist piece of shit.” The site Very Smart Brothas declared that a vote for Stein was akin to putting it in the trash. They also threw in a dig at Cornel West because he dared to criticize Barack Obama. The Huffington Post chose to deride Green Party convention delegates because they ate at McDonald’s. Gawker tried to link Ajamu Baraka to holocaust denial. His unassailable human rights credentials didn’t mean much when the media decided to go into attack mode.
The links work in the excerpt above, so check them out. Clinton supporters are plumbing new lows in attacking the Green Party candidates. This means that whatever the Green Party is doing is working. If some liberal Democrats are upset, they only need to look in the mirror to see the cause. Remember, the Democrats and Republicans are far more organized than every other political party, but now they see potentially serious competition on the horizon. 

They are so organized that they can plausibly use a 15% polling threshold to keep Jill Stein out of the debates while discouraging polling organizations from including Stein in the polls. Think about that. The Commission on Presidential Debates is an organization created by Democrats and Republicans for their sole benefit, yet they act like they're "non-partisan". Then powerful Democrats and Republicans can tell the media not to poll for Jill Stein, then tell us that, "Hey, she didn't make the cut. What do you want us to do?"

Note that this is not a call for confrontation with Democrats and Republicans. This is a call for independent, Sanders supporters (Democrat or Republican) and Green Party voters to organize and vote for someone else for president and vice president. Someone else who is not tied to big money, not tied to endless wars for oil, not tied to big pharma or intellectual property cartels. Someone else who doesn't know the system so well (like Hillary Clinton) that she can hide the corrupting influence of big money while selling access. I know, that whole email story "just looks bad". Someone else who will defeat the so-called "free trade agreements" that continue to decimate the middle class. That someone else is Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for President and Vice President.

If anything this is our moment. So let me show you one more graphic before I go:

Real change for America starts with us. Voting for the lesser of two evils will only lead to more evil. Until we make a decision to do something different, we will continue to get the same results. It's time for us to step out of line.

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