Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a relief

For 8 long years, we have been politically constipated. I say that because I can remember how when GW Bush arrived to office, he was greeted by 10,000 protesters on the way to the White House. Both of his elections were tainted by cries of foul play, one went all the way to the supreme court for one election.

During the last election, we had none of that. Obama ran a straight campaign, taking all the lessons from history and putting together what was needed to win.

And now that he's in office, he's got a job to do. I watched him during the inauguration ceremony, and though I saw him smile, I also saw that he knows his job is cut out for him. I watched the justice stumble on the oath, and Obama stumbled too. But they regrouped and finished the oath, together. They may not agree on the issues, but they worked together to finish the ceremony.

The problems we face in this crisis are too big for one party, one faction, to solve. This requires all of us to cooperate and to work towards a greater goal than narrow interests would support.

Obama said more than once that open, spirited debate, with a mind towards the common good will be required for all so that economy recovers and that we can all prosper together. Such debate includes putting everything on the table for consideration, and avoiding the framing of such debate in a way that gives an advantage to one group or faction.

As Obama said, we must ask what is good for me and my children, going forward.