Tuesday, August 02, 2016

About that election rigging thing

I find that social media is a treasure trove of articles and memes just yearning for additional exposure. I try to spend a little time each day cultivating this garden of knowledge so that others may be informed of the state of American politics. I trust that my efforts are reciprocated.

While trawling for subject matter, I found this very, very interesting meme:

I appreciate this meme for the contrast it presents. The implication of the first statement is that Hillary is a very capable politician who can handle the worst that the world and the media have to throw at her. Note that this meme is based on a well-documented exchange that actually happened. The only downside of the meme is that they improperly imply that Bernie Sanders is a communist when he's actually a democratic socialist.

Think about it. Trump kicked ass on 16 of the most powerful Republicans in the country. How much money did his campaign spend to do it? Well, according to OpenSecrets, he only spent about $76 million as of July 21st. He won the primaries against 16 competitors with just $76 million?

Compare that to Hillary and Bernie. Hillary had to spend $290 million as of July 21st and she fought tooth and nail to get the nomination. Not only that, there are numerous allegations that she didn't actually win fair and square and to top it off, half the delegates at the DNC walked out on her acceptance speech. Many Sanders supporters have very serious, deep and justified reservations about voting for Hillary. Sanders has admitted openly that some of his supporters will not vote for Hillary. I'm one of them.

For his part, Sanders spent about $220 million and came very close to beating Hillary, and probably did were it not for all the "irregularities". Election Justice USA has conducted an investigation and found evidence of election fraud and election rigging (we'll call it fraud just to keep it simple), which they hope to use to de-certify some results from the primary elections. They estimate that Sanders lost 184 delegates due to election fraud. Take those 184 delegates away from from Hillary and give them to Sanders and he would have won the nomination.

This part of this post is especially for Hillary Clinton supporters. Set aside your convictions. Set aside your defenses and open your mind. Do your own research and search for election fraud on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. They're easy to find and there are many, many Facebook pages and websites just for documenting what has been alleged as election fraud.

If even one of those accounts of election fraud is true, will you come back and tell us that election fraud doesn't even come close to accounting for the 3 million more votes that Hillary says she won to best Sanders? How much election fraud does it take to convince you that something has gone terribly wrong with our elections?

Now consider the pro-Hillary media bias. How did you feel when the Associated Press blurted out a day before the last big primaries that Hillary had clinched the nomination? Wasn't that the sweetest smell of victory?

Media bias can also be seen as election rigging. Note again that Donald Trump won the nomination with a fraction of what Hillary spent. I believe his win was also due to media bias. Look, how does CNN justify showing an empty seat at a Trump event instead of breaking away to cover a Sanders rally?

Could it be that CNN is in bed with the Clinton campaign? The latest dump of emails from Wikileaks provides clear evidence of collusion between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and CNN and other major news networks. My dear Clinton supporter, just how much bias is acceptable?

By the way, take a look at how the story of the DNC hacks is being framed. Instead of talking about what was found, the mainstream media is talking about the Russians and trying to connect Trump to the hacks. That is yet another example of pro-Clinton media bias. Consider the possibility that the mainstream media wanted Trump to win all along to ensure that Clinton would win in November.

Even the DNC exhibited a clear pro-Hillary bias. Senior officials at the DNC have made very public apologies for their careless words in their emails, for their clear attacks and smears against Sanders. The DNC treated Sanders more like a trespasser than a presidential candidate, yet their bylaws require them to provide a fair and neutral forum for selecting a presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. Their behavior is far from democratic and there is class action lawsuit to prove this point.

Taking into consideration all of the assistance lent to Clinton during the primaries, from the press, from the superdelegates, from her extensive political network, it is clear to many of his supporters that Bernie Sanders should have won the primaries. Bernie Sanders and his supporters followed the rules. We believe that the Clinton campaign did not.

For more than a year, I have watched Clinton supporters disparage, insult and block Sanders supporters on social media. I myself have been the target of at least one supremely vitriolic verbal barrage of attacks and I wonder, is this how you gain followers and new adherents? I think not. I have to wonder, if Hillary is such a fantastically strong candidate, as many of her supporters claim, does she really need an army of paid trolls to shame me into voting for her?

I am reminded of one meme that read as follows: Stealing an election and asking for my vote is like stealing my car and asking for gas money. Clinton and her campaign represent to me, the most public form of moral bankruptcy. Now do you see why I will not vote for her?

This is not over, not by a mile. Did you see the #demexit at the convention? That is just the start. I will not vote for the lesser evil. Love thinketh no evil. I will vote for the greater good before I ever vote for Hillary Clinton. That's why I plan to vote for Jill Stein for president along with millions of others who will do the same. That's why I will look down the ballot and vote for every Berniecrat that I can find from this list here.

Even if Clinton wins in November, I will consider her to be an illegitimate president, just like George W. Bush. Many Clinton supporters were quick to call foul when Bush won in 2000. Where are they now?

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