Saturday, May 07, 2016

When blue turns red - Why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton

I can't figure Hillary Clinton out. On the one hand, she sends an olive branch to the Sanders supporters after winning a few more primaries. Then she makes a very overt move to court Bush donors, you know, the same idiots who gave us the Iraq War. I guess there is a really good reason they called her "Goldwater Girl".

All this squirming on Hillary's part only confirms my conviction: I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. I would rather not see another dynasty. We had that with the Bushes and look what that got us. A great recession, two wars, and a giant bailout for people who didn't need one.

Obama did his best to unwind the mess left by George W. Bush and he's made some great progress despite a Congress digging their heels against him. But at least with Obama, his wife is acting more like a first lady than the next president. His family doesn't seem nearly as involved in politics as Chelsea is. It would have been nice to see a few prosecutions in the aftermath of all those bailouts. But he did take money from financial interests during his campaigns.

There are some who say that the money will not influence Hillary Clinton as president. We saw how all that money influenced Obama not to prosecute any of the big banks. They were too big to fail. So Clinton is different? I don't think so.

Her husband signed a crime bill in the 1990's that led to mass incarceration of Americans. The companies that run private prisons still keep on giving. Her husband signed the law that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, and big finance kept on giving to her campaign until scrutiny turned her way. Her husband signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, leading to the greatest media consolidation America has ever witnessed. Big media is one of the largest contributors to her campaign, and they keep on giving. Why? So that they can control the narrative. You know, the one that says Sanders can't win.

It's all about the money, honey. Sanders is not taking any of that dosh. He's not dialing for dollars with large corporate interests intent on making a pay for play bill go their way. He's out there, listening to us. Filling stadiums with people like us. He's taken in 6.5 million donations, averaging $27 each. His achievements are unmatched by any other candidate.

Sanders is polling at 61% in California. He's polling at 72% in Oregon. He won a major upset in the state of Indiana, just like he did in Michigan. Yet, the press continues to ask him if he will drop out. He is the only remaining candidate with a net positive rating among voters. Hilary and Trump are both setting new records for negative net favorability. But somehow, they are both winning their respective primaries. Is that how democracy is supposed to work?

If Hillary wins, I will see her election with about as much legitimacy as George W. Bush. With all the irregularities surrounding states like Arizona and New York, how exit polling isn't even close to the actual votes in some states, how hand counted votes don't match up to the electronic results - I could go on. But you get the idea. I honestly don't see how she could be proud of her wins in any way.

Bernie is polling by double digits above Trump in every poll. Hillary is close to the margin of error.

Hillary is still under investigation by the FBI and she's going to be sitting in a deposition soon. If she is somehow exonerated before the election is over, and Trump wins, what are the odds that Trump would resurrect the investigation? I'd say they're pretty good. Hillary must know something about that investigation that the rest of us don't. Maybe she's counting on leniency if she wins the nomination. There are some who say that the FBI will wait until after she wins the nomination so that we're "stuck" with her. Then they'll make their referral for indictment.

For anyone who poo poos any chance that she'll be indicted, take a look at this, and reconsider her prospects. It's long but it's well worth the read.

I have done my research and have come to the conclusion that there is really no way that I'd vote for her. If Trump wins, well, we'll survive four years of Trump. He's doesn't have the stomach for war like Hillary does. He'll rile the liberal base and keep them motivated and energized. Clinton? She'll play Democrat while taking what she can get from the Republicans with her pragmatic leadership. Who will be the wiser?

If we get Trump for president, it's not our fault. The blame falls squarely on the Democratic National Committee for failing to heed to the will of the people. The DNC may think they can get by without the independent voters, but Bernie Sanders is rather confident that they cannot. I agree with him. I'm an independent voter.
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