Sunday, May 22, 2016

The hypocrisy of American democracy and the presumed Democratic nominee

I came across this meme just this morning:

You would think that in this modern day and age of smart phones, cloud computing, that we wouldn't have to check. But irregularities at elections across the country have forced many people to re-register to be sure they are registered to vote. They shouldn't have to check on this over and over to be sure they can vote for their candidate of choice.

This uncertainty about voting rights is a result of an apparent effort to suppress the vote for Bernie Sanders. All such efforts belie the strength of Hillary Clinton as a candidate and are an affront to everything we stand for as a democracy.

There are numerous articles popping up like this one, that describe a systematic effort to disenfranchise voters that are likely to support Bernie Sanders. Here some of the highlights:
  • There are no notable groups of Hillary Clinton supporters complaining of missing registration records or changed party preferences.
  • Election results have demonstrated statistically significant deviations from exit polling results and suggest a clear pattern of rigging in the Democratic primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton. We use exit polling verify if elections are fair in developing countries, and apparently, we need to use it here, too.
  • Most significant, there are no reports of Republicans who have had their party preferences changed, no reports of missing voter records or purges, and last but not least, nearly perfect matches between election results and exit polling results. If you're a Republican, you would not have had any problems voting.
Here is the irony and hypocrisy. Some very powerful Americans, people like Hillary Clinton and her supporters, pride themselves on invading...I mean, assisting, other countries to establish democracy around the world. They like to give that effort a euphemistic name, like "regime change", to make the process more palatable, easier to sell to the voters. The Iraq War is a great example of regime change, and was sold as an attempt to build a democratic nation through a long and very expensive war. Hillary Clinton voted for that war. Bernie Sanders did not.

There are technological solutions that can be put in place to prevent election fraud from happening, but the political will simply isn't there yet to make the changes. If we want to make those changes, we need to act and act quickly to secure the right to vote, or our republic will be lost.

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