Sunday, June 28, 2015

The best things in life are often unanticipated

Ever notice how some of the coolest things in life are a surprise? Consider the humble birthday. We have one each year of our lives and we take notice of them in whatever way we are comfortable. Some of us get presents that are wrapped so that we know that something is there and elicits some anticipation.

When we open the present, we discover a gift, often, it's a gift we never considered before and it's something we like. That's what this little post is about.

What I want isn't necessarily something I already know about. Let's start with a circle to show what I know:

That's a pretty small circle, huh? Now let's look at something else:

That is what I know I don't know. It's a little bigger, but still small compared to everything else:

Everything else is out there. What you want isn't necessarily what you already know about. I've seen this happen to me countless times and treasure it when it happens. 

There is a great example of how this works in a show called, "Joan of Arcadia". It was a short run TV series that had great writing and character development. That show always put the protagonist, Joan, into situations she didn't like and found herself doing stuff she didn't want to do. But she always found some silver lining at the end.

Expect the unexpected and roll with it. It might turn out to be a really nice day.
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