Thursday, June 18, 2015

How the establishment loves to dismiss Bernie

Lately, I've noticed in the social media pontifications and predictions that Bernie Sanders will eventually realize that he can't win, that he'll have to give up the ghost and allow Hilary Clinton to move forward without further challenge. Most of the sources promoting this view predict that Hilary will win by virtue of her overwhelming endorsements from governors, legislatures, and the vast pile of money backing her. I don't believe them.

When we read the news predicting the almost certain demise of Bernie's candidacy for presidency at the hands of the Democratic National Convention next year, it's important to remember that we may not necessarily be reading the news at all. If 6 parent corporations own 90% of the major media outlets available for news, you have to look for alternative sources that are not owned by one of those parent companies.

There was a time, for example when Huffington Post was considered an alternative media outlet. But they were acquired indirectly by one of those parent companies. Look at any major site that is owned or related to the legacy media conglomerates and you will see an irrepressible bias against Bernie and in favor of Hilary.

Nearly every article talks about Bernie only in the context of Hilary. Will Bernie push Hilary to the left? Will Bernie cost her this state or that state? Will Bernie consider being VP to Hilary. None ever offer the possibility that he could win for serious consideration by the mainstream voter. He is already being cast as a fringe candidate with socialist views that are not mainstream - when they are.

These predictions and pontifications that are paraded before us day in and day out, are intended to wear us down and condition us to believe that there is simply no way out. We must accept Hilary and let Bernie go. Either that, or we get in the clown car with the Republicans and do a protest vote for the fire rather than the frying pan.

Every time I see one of those articles telling me that Bernie has no chance, I check the source. If the source has any connection to major media, I recognize it for what it is. A tacit admission that the elites will use whatever force necessary to make sure that the people do not get their choice, that only the candidate with the backing from the relevant funders will reach the White House and no other.

Bernie is clued in on this tactic. He understands that countervailing forces will gather. But he also sees and has been stunned by enormous crowds showing up to hear him speak. He's a bigger draw than any Republican wherever he goes. He's starting to rise in the polls against Hilary and we can be fairly certain such a showing is very uncomfortable for her.

Eventually, there is going to be a contest for the Democratic nomination. No matter what happens before that, the nomination is what counts as long as Bernie is going to run as a Democrat. It is entirely possible that the delegates at the Democratic National Convention will not listen to their constituents, give in to the temptation, and take the big money over the wishes of the people that put them there.

It is also possible that, with more than 30 years of experience in politics, Bernie will be able to show us what a farce an election can be when the support he receives from ordinary people is not reflected in the news or the contest for the nomination at the convention. Or he could simply win the nomination and transform American politics. How about that?

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