Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bernie or Bust? Not really. Hilary is just too little too late.

There are some who would say that the Anti-Hilary rhetoric is coming from conservative sources, that the left is being trolled. I disagree. While there are people instigating division within the Democratic Party from without, most of the problem is from within. What is really happening is that many on the left are beginning to realize that Hilary, and others like her, are not the reform candidate we're looking to elect. Bernie Sanders is that candidate.

Sanders is not a candidate for president as his sole purpose this election cycle. No, he is leading a revolution. He admits openly that he cannot do it alone. He admits openly that he needs the rest of us to help. He understands that we've struggled under more than 30 years of conservative momentum that has taken its toll on our country. He knows that one man cannot turn it around.

Clinton never talks revolution. She uses language to suggest that through her leadership, she will effect change. But she never suggests that a revolution is needed to make the changes we need to secure the middle class. She is seen as a pragmatist rather than a revolutionary. She will seek incremental changes rather than revolutionary changes.

When pressed, Clinton will not commit to breaking up the too-big-to-fail banks like Sanders. She will not commit to universal health care and she will not commit to free public higher education. She is not committed to complete and total reform. Why not?

Clinton is far more conservative than the last great liberal president ever was. That president was Jimmy Carter. With Clinton seeking incremental changes coming from a conservative Democrat, the middle class and the millennials are going to be waiting awhile for real change. They may not even see it at all with Clinton as she is carrying tons of financial baggage with her campaign contribution sources. big banks, law firms, and legacy incumbent telecoms.

This is why we need Bernie Sanders. Sanders has been a socialist democrat for his entire career. He has been speaking the same message for more than thirty years. He has seen and acknowledged the long, slow decline of the middle class. Whenever he can help, he gets the job done. If you're looking for consistency over time, and mastery of the legislative process, Sanders has it in abundance.

Where the Clintons have been running a foundation that has taken in $3 billion over 41 years, Sanders has no foundation to take in money. Where the Clintons take in 6 figures for their speaking engagements, Sanders is writing and passing legislation to help the middle class. A comparison of their lifestyles will tell you who is more engaged with the middle class.

To be for Sanders and against Clinton is not to express any desire to split the Democrat vote. It is to acknowledge that Clinton is too little, too late. There are some, especially millennials, who might sit this one out if Hilary wins the nomination. There are even some who say that criticizing Clinton will reduce our chances of winning the White House.

I disagree. If you want to keep the old guard conservatives in power, and send most everyone else shopping next November, nominate Clinton. If you want to whip up the base and bring in all sorts of people who might otherwise sit this one out, nominate Sanders. Sanders might just be our best shot a turning this ship around within the next decade, but he will need your support. Before and after the election.
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