Saturday, July 18, 2015

Terrorism isn't just for Muslims, but that doesn't fit the mainstream narrative

Black churches are burning in the Deep South of America, but Muslim fundraising has stepped in to help rebuild those churches. Big news right? Not judging by this search of Google for news articles relating to the same trends:

I would expect to see big names like ABC, NBC, CBS or even MSNBC covering this story. Sure, we got one hit from CNN towards the bottom (not shown). Isn't it interesting how Al-Jazeera is at the top?

Could it be that when Muslims fundraise to help rebuild black churches, there's something wrong with the narrative we've been given? If there is a liberal media bias as conservatives often complain of, I'm not seeing it here.

This story is not in the major news because it doesn't fit the mainstream narrative that all Muslims want to kill Christians. I can hardly see why there should be any tension at all between the two since both religions are what are known as Abrahamic religions. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all derive from a single patriarch, Abraham.

I suspect there is a very interesting reason why this news trend doesn't fit the narrative. If Muslims had been found to be burning black churches you can bet that would be news. Then whoever claimed responsibility would be called "terrorists'. But these church burnings are being done by white supremacists and so far, no one is call them terrorists.

The narrative that we are supposed to believe then, is that only Muslims are terrorists. So even if white supremacists are motivated by their Christian beliefs to burn churches, it's just a hate crime, not terrorism. Yet Muslims involved in terrorism are often alleged to be motivated by their Islamic faith.

It is good to see Muslims motivated by their faith to help Christians rebuild their burned down Christians. Peace is possible no matter what the religion. It is simply a matter of desire and effort.
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