Friday, March 27, 2015

Nature beats GMOs to feed the world with Heat Beater Beans

I had a feeling this might happen, but I couldn't articulate it until today. Now it has happened. Scientists have bred 30 strains of beans to be "heat beaters", that is, they can grow better in high heat conditions due to global warming. This is without genetic engineering or patents.

What were they saying? Oh, yeah. The GMO apologists were saying they were going to feed the world. Ha! Simple plant breeding will do a better job. Why? Nature is a lot smarter than we are. When we align our will with nature's will, we will surely prosper. But when we fail to do so, oh boy, do we suffer.

This effort highlights one of the problems that I see with GMOs. Even if the intention of GMO producers is to feed the world (and I don't think it is), their effort is forever impugned by their lust for patent royalties. The patents for glyphosphate resistant crops seem to have more to do with selling glyphosphate than feeding the world. That's the problem. Selfishness knows no bounds in the GMO business and they know it.

Genetically modified food is not about feeding people. It is about control over the food supply. Under those rules, he who owns the patents decides who may live and who may starve. Nature makes no such demands on people. Nature gives her seeds and genes freely, without seeking any silver.

Which wolf would you rather feed, the seed bearing, rent seeking patent troll or the scientist seeking to feed the world with free to share hybrids?
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