Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday afternoon, tennis and pomelo

I really enjoy my weekends. I get to stay home, relax, nap, and play with my daughter, Emily. Emily is almost 14 months old. Every time I am with her, I learn a little bit about her and a little bit about me. One thing I have learned about her is that she loves to share.

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm watching tennis on TV with Emily in my lap. Alice is in the kitchen preparing for the Chinese New Year. She's got a big project going with all of the stuff she is making. I can smell the banana leaves and it's a wonderful smell. The previous night, Alice had peeled a pomelo. I think it's time for some as I don't want it to go too long.

We are watching the Australian Open, the championship match and Emily is mesmerized by the ball going back and forth on the screen. Two women duking it out on court in a fascinating match of skill and wits. It doesn't matter to me who wins. I just like to watch the ball fly. Seems that Emily enjoys that, too.

I have a plate of pomelo before us. Emily has become a big fan of pomelo. I feed Emily by taking choice pieces and offering it to her mouth, but she feeds herself more than I feed her. As we eat the pomelo, Emily will turn to me, a tiny sliver of pomelo in hand, looking at me with those big dark eyes, and thrust her hand to me. I open my mouth and accept the pomelo. I was surprised at first, but now, this is a regular occurrence.

Emily probably doesn't share by instinct. It's hard to say. But it is possible she learned to share by my example. Who knows?

What matters is that we both enjoyed the pomelo on a quiet Sunday afternoon. No worries, no hurry. Just Emily, me, a bit of pomelo and some tennis to enjoy our time together.
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