Saturday, August 08, 2009

On Health Care Reform

This is my letter to Representative Jason Chaffetz:

Mr. Congressman,

I see that Republicans like yourself are unwilling to vote for bills on health care reform proposed by the Democrats. You might recall that when former President Bush called on all of you to vote for the war in Iraq, many if not all Democrats heeded the call. I opposed the war, but conceded the majority voted.

When it comes to health care, you're not there. Republicans seem to think that having 40 million Americans without a viable health care option is the American Way. It's capitalism and if you don't have health care insurance, find a way to make more money. That appears to be the attitude of conservatism today.

It is worth noting that doctors here make twice as much money on average as the other industrialized countries. We absorb well over $300 billion in patent royalty costs as a part of health care every year. While the privileged few have all you can eat health care, the rest of us are one accident, or one illness away from bankruptcy.

I am willing to give Obama's plan a chance. Your job is the vote conscience of the people you represent, not just your own conscience. I am one of those people.

Please vote for Obama's plan.

Thank you.

Scott Dunn
One of your constituents

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