Friday, April 29, 2016

Blackmail doesn't work in presidential primaries. Just ask Hilary Clinton

Whew. For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to troll for Trump. I was feeling dejected at the prospect of having to hold my nose and vote for Clinton. The mainstream media is trying to tell us that Bernie is throwing in the towel, that he's laying off staff and giving up. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was also seeing comments in social media from people who seem to have done their research to show that Bernie has no chance to win the nomination. But then I saw something else. Someone had done the math again to show that the odds of Hillary showing up at the convention with the delegates she needs to win the nomination are slim to remote. I had seen that before several times but this time, what I saw is that Hillary needs to win, at best, 70% of the remaining delegates. The math says that even if Hillary wins California with 60% of the vote, she will still have to get 80% of the remaining delegates.

There is no way she's going to do that. It gets better. She may have more than 500 superdelegates in tow due to her ability to buy them, but those superdelegates are going to have to swallow their pride (and their campaign money) when they see tens of thousands of Bernie supporters descend upon the convention in July. Where are the marches for Hillary? Do we see any streets filling up for Hillary? Any stadiums? I didn't think so.

Wait a minute. What about those 520 superdelegates that have expressed support for Clinton now? Sanders has only 39, so she should win by now. No, they don't actually vote until the convention, so they don't count.

What we've been seeing is a sort of blackmail in this primary election. The implied message is, "Look, I'm Hillary Clinton and I deserve to win this election. I earned it and you can't take it away from me. I know, I haven't always followed through on my word. Yes, I betrayed you with NAFTA by running strategy sessions in Congress to get it ratified, I betrayed you by my support of the repeal of Glass-Steagall signed by my husband, my support for a lousy crime bill in 1994, my vote for the Iraq War and my tacit support of Wall Street. I know it looks bad, but really, I'm here for you. Oh, you don't like me? Vote for me, or you get the Trump!"

This blackmail was never more clearly explained than by the following meme:

The only job Trump has is to make Hillary Clinton seem more palatable. That's it.

Why would Trump want to be president? He's a businessman with a job that is far easier than being president. Businessmen don't have to make everyone happy. They only have to make money. The president? He has to find a way to keep the country running and that means making everyone happy if he can. The president has to make decisions that he might lose sleep over for weeks even months.

The businessman? He takes a vacation on an atoll in the South Pacific when he wants to chill. Trump doesn't really want to be president. That is the hardest job in the world, but it does come with great perks. Running a business is like having your own personal bank if you do it right. I think he'd rather be counting his money than the votes he might need to get some bill passed.

The mainstream media would have us believe that Sanders is ready to give up. He's not. Not even close. He does the math, too. He knows that Clinton isn't going to net the delegates she needs to secure the nomination before the convention. You need to know it, too. The odds are slim to remote that she can pull it off. Unless maybe, there are a few election officials willing to tilt the table, you know, like they did in Massachusetts. Then there might be a problem for Bernie.

After New York let someone go for purging the voter rolls before the election and Arizona made very deep cuts in polling places, all eyes are on the election process and infrastructure now. You want to tilt the table for Hillary? be prepared for scrutiny from us, from the DOJ, from your attorney general, maybe even the UN.

There will be a contested convention. There is simply no other option given the math. Hillary knows this or she would not be offering an olive branch to Sanders supporters. She must be really, really worried about the Bernie or Bust voters.

So don't give up hope, Bernie supporters. Bernie has nothing to lose by going all the way to the convention. The more he campaigns, the more his message gets out. That's all he has to do. We The People will do the rest.
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